first of all watch the video tutorial!

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Easy to use

• you never get the wrong size-one size fits all
• a single movement of your hand

• open, close, and re-insert in a snap

5 size in 1: JUST ONE ANGEL AC

to cover your second series of friend!

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Increase the safety of your fun time!

…you climb a rock and you think it is well protected, but unexpectedly you need to secure yourself…

Wide aperture range

here we are … the project is completed! … how many times have we say: “if I had brought the Friends … I would integrate the protections”!
With one ANGEL you have the opportunity to increase the safety of your climbing fun, without taking away a complete series of Friends!

…. better to place one more piece of protection than one less… and some days you don’t climb as well as other days…
ANGEL was designed to cover from 26mm to 100mm in one tool; so it is like having 4 or 5 different sizes, which is why we decided to call it “ANGEL” … of course you only have one … . but at least you can use it for almost everything!

Easy and fast placement

The Angel comes with a thumb grip which makes it easy to unhook from the gear loop on your harness and to place.

and then you don’t think about the size to use …
… Insert, pull the crossbar and it immediately adapts to the crack, large or small!


... in July 2021 ANGEL exceeded 1,200 kg. sealing, it now exceed 1,400 kg!

here is a video where you can see the progression of the tightness tests as the tests have followed one another. to make these tests effective, we have created a hydraulic test bench in order to reach the breaking point of the devices.

Reliable and sturdy

we did our best...

we are passionate climbers who do not want to take unnecessary chances. As usual, time will be the best judge on the quality of this product…
the materials used are the best: aluminum type Ergal, also used in avionics and Titanium; the cable is in 1700 kg Aramid fiber.


all ANGEL are tested one by one with a special hydraulic test bench, simulating the load by a factor of 2 with a dynamic rope.

The Angel works well in horizontal cracks, in flaring cracks, and in holes.

stability is phenomenal! if inserted into narrow cracks, even with only the front part of the rigid body, it locks, leverages and not move …
in the holes it is the body that creates the interlocking action, with the help of the arms that open.
in non-parallel cracks, the arms open independently, adapting to the rock.

just try and see!

… trying is the best thing … even if in some small holes it cannot be equal to other Friends, in some others it is phenomenal …

Light or heavy?

the weight of 1 ANGEL is about 270gr …. not bad!
covers 5 measures of traditional Friend!

if you add 1 ANGEL to your harness, with a single tool you protect yourself in both small and large cracks!

It walks?

…no, it doesn't walk!

Well, it doesn’t: probably the fact that the holding sling is attached to the centre of the tool doesn’t let the vibrations of the rope make it walk. It doesn’t walk, at least with the usual rope motions. If the rope is yanked hard to the outside, the Angel moves a little, but always toward the interior of the crack.

Ease of removal

in very narrow craks with little space, it can get stuck, so only in this case, it is better to have a Cavanuts with you.

... if you have the unexpected need to protect yourself ...

you climb a rock and you think it is well protected, so you haven’t brought the whole Friend series with you. if you have the unexpected need to protect yourself and add 1 ANGEL to your harness, you can do it!

Replaceable sling

the wear of the cord is severe, especially with horizontal cracks and on granite; for this reason we supply the spare part to be able to replace it.
The double knot must be made with extreme care.