When we began writing this story we were puzzled because we didn’t realize that so much time had passed.

It was the night of February 27, 2017 and memories are now fading alittle.

As usual after a climb, beer was consumed and the thrill of climbing a route “not well protected’’ was lived again when a new idea and challenge was born: designing a new type of friend with a very wide range, all in a single tool.

Back then we did not know that there had been so many ideas before, some of them genial, and many innovative mechanical strategies opening new paths.

The key idea behind all friends, the cam expansion, was the vision of Ray Jardine in the second half of the seventies, and had been dissected and analyzed in any possible form with innovations sprouting almost everywhere in the world.

Getting to our final patents has been a long, and sometimes difficult, journey.

these years have passed quickly. a lot of energy …. drawings on drawings in 2D and 3D cad … many … many …

Three patents have been filed for and then withdrawn because of overlaps with existing industrial inventions.

disappointments follow one another with new starts, new ideas, new inventions … and new energies … other prototypes … how many prototypes, at least 12 versions and as many tests … but we don’t give up because we feel we are on the right path …

Then the prototypes started to work and we filed two new patents.

it has been a long journey, but finally, in early 2022, ANGEL AC is in production! 

We are now focussing on assessing the results of the field tests,

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Big-Angel and SULU

technical experience we acquired with ANGEL AC has given us the motivation and determination to design new devices.

in 2023, BIG-ANGEL was born, the older brother of Angel, covering ranges from 46 to 145mm

meanwhile the design of a new amazing belayer device, called “SULU”… as Captain Kirk said in Star Trek “Mr Sulu take us out.”!!!

then we will move our force on to the working version, with the aim of producing another innovative and safe device that provides valuable help in the workplace.

This is us

Andreina Z.
general manager

Leonardo V.
partner and manager

Lucia P.
web editor

Francesca V.
financial manager

Dino T.
technical designer /problem solver


Matteo V.
creator and C.E.O.

Contributors, collaborators and supporters

Giacomo V.
young supporter


Cristiano P.
super montaineer


Alberto B.
"almost" super montaineer


Margherita V.


Gigi F.
altitude mountaineer


Giorgio C.
passionate mountaineer


Daniel S.
trainee mountaineer for… testing!


Edoardo D.
sympathizer ... too young for testing!


Valerio F.
supporter and friend


Andreina Z.
general manager with our mascot!